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Why you shouldn’t – ever – tackle Japanese Knotweed yourself

Unfortunately, sometimes the best intentions just result in a hard lesson being learnt.

On a recent survey, we identified a large and well developed infestation of Japanese Knotweed to an alley that backs on to a residential property. With the best of intentions the client decided to cut back all canes and stockpile to the area. This has created a bio-security hazard that risks contaminating the wider environment and other neighbouring properties.

The DIY approach doesn’t work.

It’s always worth remembering that Japanese Knotweed is classed as a Controlled Waste. Therefore, this stockpile must be disposed of to a registered landfill site in line with current legislation.

We’ve put forward a sensible remediation strategy to reduce the risk of further spread and deal with the wider problems relating to the infestation.

The moral of the story? Leave dealing with Japanese Knotweed to accredited experts such as ourselves.

If you’ve an issue with Japanese knotweed and need advice on how best to remediate an issue or need a survey conducting, get in touch here.

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