Housing association pays homeowner £32.5k after Japanese Knotweed invades garden

A resident has been compensated £32,500 after Japanese Knotweed – classified as one of the worst weeds in the world – invaded his garden.

The property owner, who was concerned that a bank might refuse a mortgage on the property, sued Notting Hill Genesis housing association after the Japanese Knotweed spread from a neighbouring site.

A builder in the borough contacted lawyers two years ago after spotting the species – which spreads so quickly that planting it can be a criminal offence – on the land of the terraced house he had owned for 32 years.

The experts confirmed it had spread from a neighbouring plot owned by the housing association – where the infestation was more than five years old.

It also showed signs of pre-treatment, suggesting the housing association had been aware of the problem.

A valuer from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors said the invasion had knocked £20,000 from the value of the house.

The case highlighted why it is imperative Japanese Knotweed is identified and dealt with professionally before problems escalate.  The cost to remediate dealing with Japanese Knotweed far outweighs a claim a neighbour can bring against the source of the infestation.

Banks are often unwilling to give mortgages for properties affected. It can only be treated and removed by specialist contractors.

If you are concerned you have Japanese Knotweed present on your property or land get in touch and arrange a survey today.  We can undertake it and have all Management Plans completed and in place – all within 48 hours.

Read the full story on London News Online here.

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