Rhizomes: what they are – and why they’re a problem

Here’s your new Word For The Day…. “rhizome”.

What’s that, you say?

Well, “rhizomes” are root systems, and in the case of Japanese Knotweed they are horribly effective in spreading the ghastly plant across your land.

In fact, only a tiny amount of “rhizome” – less than the amount on your pinky fingernail – is enough to start the ball rolling. And then it really shifts… at up to 6cm every day!

That’s a headache you REALLY don’t need, because life’s hard enough for everyone right now.

Rhizome. Funny word.
But NOT so funny when attached to the worst of all invasive weeds.

Thankfully, we’re here to get rid of them.
You can learn more about how we do that here.

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