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No two properties are the same, and neither are any two infestations. So you need a tailored approach, one that will deal with your problem in the quickest and most cost effective way.

But one thing that is consistent is our absolute professionalism.

Because of that, we can ensure that all our management plans come with a standard 10-year warranty, as well as the with option to include a 10-year Insurance Backed Guarantee.

And to help take the strain if you’re buying or selling property that’s been infested, we also work closely with a host of mortgage providers and lenders to offer total clarity about the situation, and ensure all transactions can complete in a timely fashion.

Similarly, if you’re looking to secure planning permission, we also support developers and commercial clients with the necessary paperwork to make sure the whole process runs as smoothly as possible. We know more than most that Japanese Knotweed can be a headache, so we’re happy to go the extra mile.

Process driven to ensure 100% satisfaction

Utilising the latest technologies we can manage your infestation via:

Herbicidal Management Plans

These plans are designed to remove Japanese Knotweed growth over multiple growing seasons to ensure no regrowth occurs.  Our management plans are designed to utilise the latest developments in the application of specific targeted herbicides to exhaust the plants ability to regenerate. 

The management plan will take into consideration the health of the plant, neighbouring factors that could interfere with the programme along with any ecological issues to provide a bespoke programme that guarantees to deal with the problem.  As part of the programme our operations team will conduct annual audits to ensure best practices are always being adhered to and will provide annual updates on our progress. 

Our detailed understanding of Japanese Knotweed allows us to provide a cost-effective solution that is inclusive of our standard 10-year warranty with the option to include an Insurance Backed Guarantee.

Benefits of an herbicidal management programme

  • Cost effective solution
  • Prevents the infestation from spreading out by reducing the plants ability to develop laterally in the first instance
  • Prevents the infestation from further causing damage to built structures
  • Simple and structured approach

Dig & Dump

An instant solution in which all areas of contamination are excavated and transferred to a registered landfill site in line with current legislation. Inspectas Land Remediation have specialist in-house operatives to conduct the works and provide all plant machinery as well as install all required barrier membranes to ensure your site is declared Japanese Knotweed free in as little as 2-3 days.

Typically, we will excavate to a depth of 2-3m to ensure all rhizomes are excavated and will then chase the offending system laterally.  We will then look to install any required root barrier membrane to prevent neighbouring infestations from re-infecting a site.

All excavated soils containing the propagules of Japanese Knotweed are classed as a controlled waste as per the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and will require a WAC test to be presented to the relevant registered landfill site.  As part of our land remediation service Inspectas can conduct full WAC testing of soils to ensure acceptance by landfill and can turn around this service in as little as 5 days.

We have experience working on large scale development sites as well as challenging small-scale works where access can be a problem.

A full 10-year warranty or an Insurance Backed Guarantee is issued on completion of the noted works.

Benefits of Dig & Dump

  • Removes all Japanese Knotweed and its associated rhizomes instantly
  • No restrictions are placed on the area excavated
  • Development work can commence immediately after excavation

Cell Burial

Where space permits, we can translocate all contaminated Japanese Knotweed material to a specifically designed cell that will be lined with a geotextile membrane. As with dig & dump the Japanese Knotweed is excavated, but instead of taking to landfill a pit is dug onsite and lined with the membrane ready for the Japanese Knotweed to be buried. Once all contaminated material is placed in the cell it is sealed, ensuring all joints are heat welded closed, before a layer of topsoil is placed on top of the cell.

As per the Environment Agency’s RPS 178 guidance statement, Inspectas follow all noted conditions in the treatment and burial of invasive non-native plant material.

As with all Japanese Knotweed works we undertake a full 10-year warranty or Insurance Backed Guarantee is issued once the works have been completed.

Benefits of Cell Burial

  • Low costs versus dig and dump
  • Quickly removes Japanese Knotweed from an undesirable area
  • The ability to immediately develop on the area of infestation

Stock Piling

A low-cost solution whereby all contaminated material is excavated in line with our dig and dump process. A suitable area is identified onsite for the contaminated material to be stockpiled with a geo-textile membrane installed to prevent cross-site contamination occurring.

The stockpile is then fenced off and secured and is entered into an herbicidal management programme. Once the programme is completed the soil must remain onsite and it should be noted that in line with current legislation the height of the stockpile should not exceed 500mm.

Benefits of Stock Piling

  • Cost effective
  • Development works can commence on areas of previous infestation
  • Japanese Knotweed is relocated to a less intrusive area of the site

Spoil to Soil

Utilising this technology we can separate contaminated Japanese Knotweed materials from the area of infestation leaving the processed soil to be re-distributed onsite.  This environmentally friendly method of remediating the presence of Japanese Knotweed is achieved using specialists plant machinery that is able to separate rhizomes from the soils from which they have established themselves within.

The corresponding rhizomes and stems are transferred to a registered landfill site reducing tipping costs versus dig and dump and thus allowing the treated soil to be used for soft landscaping.

Benefits of Spoil to Soil

  • Can be conducted all year round
  • Less controlled waste is taken to landfill
  • Cost benefit vs full dig and dump
  • Treated soils can be recycled onsite to aid landscaping

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What our customers say

It’s easy for us to tell you how effective, responsive and professional we are, but it means more to hear it from our satisfied clients. And that’s all of them.

There’s a certain comfort in knowing that when you attend a client meeting at a site to quote for works, that the person with you has the confidence, professionalism and knowledge in the industry that is going to help secure that job. That is what Inspectas deliver.

Brian Whitcher – Client Services Manager – GRITTIT

I tasked Inspectas with helping me secure a re-mortgage on the family home that has a Japanese Knotweed infestation to the rear garden.  No sooner had they been out to complete the survey I had all the relevant reports and guarantee information submitted to my mortgage company for approval.  A week later and one of their technicians was underway getting rid of knotweed for us.  They absolutely delivered what they promised!

Tony – Residential

Facilities Management is all about being able to be reactive and having the right plans in place to deal with a given problem. Inspectas Land Remediation are our go-to business when we come across Japanese Knotweed issues on site. They are quick to react and their ability to rapidly adapt and put forward workable solutions is a quality we highly value. Their absolute professionalism is second to none.

Robin Harris – Managing Director – Velway

Whenever one of my clients have a problem surrounding Japanese Knotweed or other invasive weed issues I always refer them to Inspectas Land Remediation.  Their ability to provide bespoke solutions and put actions in place that make a difference is a quality my clients value and appreciate.

Chetna Reay – Managing Director – Construction Risk Consultants Ltd

Very comprehensive work, we thank you for an excellent service all round.

Malcolm Turley General Manager, Day Services, Teesside Ability Support Centre

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