Japanese Knotweed Removal

Our Japanese Knotweed Removal Process

So, you’ve found yourself with a Japanese Knotweed problem and you’ve no idea what to do or how the process works?

The good news is that we are here to help when it comes to dealing with all things Japanese Knotweed! 

So sit tight, buckle up and let our team guide you through the minefield of Japanese Knotweed removal.

To start let’s break down the process into 4 easy to understand steps that we can go through together to ensure we put in place the best cost-effective solution for your needs. We know you also need to feel confident that you’re in the safest of hands so we thought you might like to check out our reviews on Trustpilot

We’re certainly very proud of what our clients have to say about us.

Step 1 – Identification and Survey Request

First off, our team are fully accredited and experienced when it comes identifying Japanese Knotweed so feel free to talk to one of our friendly specialists today and send through your pictures of suspected Japanese Knotweed growth for instant identification. 

You can even book a free survey at the same time! 

Step 2 – Free Survey* and Quotation

Now that we know you have a Japanese Knotweed problem, we can be with you in under 48 hours of receiving your enquiry to complete the knotweed survey. All our surveyors are fully qualified to CSJK through the Property Care Association, so you know you’re dealing with an expert.  

During the survey itself we will look to:

  • Identify and map all areas of Japanese Knotweed
  • Talk through the remediation options available
  • Photograph all areas of the infestation
  • Note the associated RICS Risk Assessment Category
  • Talk through the biosecurity measures we need to put in place to prevent further spread
  • Provide a full written proposal and competitive quote that includes a 10-year Insurance Backed Guarantee

Step 3 – Implementation of the Knotweed Management Plan (KMP)

Once you’ve received your proposal and quotation and given instruction for Inspectas to carry out the works your Knotweed Management Plan will be managed by our friendly and approachable operations team. They will be with you every step of the way to give advice and support when you need it most so don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and we will always do our best to help.   

We’ll also document all site visits that we undertake and include a schedule of works along with details of the post treatment monitoring we undertake.

Step 4 – Monitoring & 10-Year Insurance Backed Guarantee

Being PCA accredited we include 2 years’ monitoring to ensure there is no regrowth with all Japanese Knotweed removal works we undertake. 

We combine this with a 10-year Insurance Backed Guarantee to provide additional peace of mind and to satisfy all major mortgage lenders and providers.

Why Choose Inspectas?

Our experienced team take a great deal of pride in being able to offer advice and support when buying or selling a property where Japanese Knotweed is present. We understand time is of the essence and will be there for you when you need us most. 

Herbicidal Management Plans

Herbicidal Management Plans

Our detailed understanding of Japanese Knotweed allows us to put in place a plan that is designed to control and manage Japanese Knotweed infestations to ensure no regrowth occurs.  This approach typically takes 3 years of herbicidal application followed by 2 years monitoring of the area utilising the latest developments in the application of targeted herbicides via stem injection or foliar knapsack application.

  • By following this process Inspectas can issue an industry leading 10-year Insurance Backed Guarantee that helps secure a mortgage for your home, or release planning permission & funding for your development works.  
  • Our operations team will put in place a carefully managed treatment schedule so that we can ensure the timing of the visit exhausts all the plants resources and energy reserves so that it can’t regenerate. 

Benefits of an herbicidal management plan

  • Cost effective solution with payments staged over the programme to help with affordability.
  • Prevents the infestation from spreading out by reducing the plants ability to develop laterally in the first instance.
  • Simple and structured approach that maximises intake of herbicides.

Why choose Inspectas?

As you would expect we adhere to the PCA’s Code of Practice for the Management of Japanese Knotweed and our experienced and dedicated team will be with you every step of the way from the identification of Japanese Knotweed to arranging visits that suit you best – and that includes weekends! 

Full Excavation to Landfill

Full Excavation to Landfill

When Japanese Knotweed is preventing the development of a site and risks hindering a project there may be no other option than to excavate all knotweed impacted soils to a registered landfill site.  Similarly, homeowners who are looking to build an extension or landscape a garden may also require an immediate solution, and this is where the experienced team at Inspectas can help.

  • The excavation of Japanese Knotweed infected soils involves physically removing the soils from the site or property as a ‘controlled waste’ to a registered landfill site
  • We provide all plant machinery including diggers, dumpers, and haulage along with securing the disposal of knotweed impacted soils at a registered landfill site through our upper tier waste carriers licence.
  • After the successful removal of the infected soils our team will monitor the area for 2 years to ensure no regrowth occurs and issue an industry leading 10-year Insurance Backed Guarantee.

Benefits of Full Excavation 

  • Removes all Japanese Knotweed and its associated rhizomes instantly.
  • No development restrictions are placed on the area excavated.
  • Development work can commence immediately after excavation.

Partial Excavation Root Barrier Capping

To reduce the cost of full excavation it may be possible to excavate to a set depth, and then install a specialist root barrier to encapsulate deeper knotweed growth. For more information contact our team today for impartial professional advice. 

Why choose Inspectas?

Our dedicated technicians have experience of working on a range of large-scale sites and properties where access can be a problem and take pride in ensuring all legislative instructions are adhered to and that no cross-site contamination occurs throughout the works.

Stockpiling & Cell Burial

Stockpiling & Cell Burial

In some scenarios it is possible to relocate Japanese Knotweed impacted soils to other areas within a site by creating a stockpile and treating via herbicides or creating a cell to bury the knotweed. This provides an instant excavation of Japanese Knotweed from a troublesome area without the associated costs of disposing at landfill. As per the Environment Agency’s RPS 178 guidance statement, Inspectas follow all noted conditions in the treatment of invasive non-native plant material


  • All impacted soils are excavated with a suitable area identified onsite for the contaminated material to be stockpiled. The excavated soils are carefully transferred over a designated haulage route to another area within the site.
  • The installation of a geo-textile membrane to the base of the stockpile helps to prevent rhizomes from anchoring into the subsoils. The stockpile is fenced off and secured with the impacted soils is entered into an herbicidal management plan. 

Cell Burial

  • A deep cell is excavated within the site so that at least 2m of clean backfill can be placed above the impacted Japanese Knotweed soils which are deposited to the base of the cell. 
  • The cell is encapsulated using root barrier membrane, which helps protect the cell against future accidental disturbance or burrowing wildlife.

Benefits of Stock Piling & Cell Burial

  • Cost effective compared to full excavation.
  • Development works can commence on areas of previous infestation.
  • Japanese Knotweed is relocated to a less intrusive area of the site.

Why choose Inspectas?

We have a track record in helping our commercial clients reduce costs to deal with invasive species such as Japanese Knotweed by providing smart cost-effective solutions that are tailored to the individual needs of your site.

For any invasive weed & Japanese Knotweed questions …

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