Business during COVID-19: Our continued commitment in uncertain times

Providing operational support and guidance in challenging times

With the unprecedented concern surrounding COVID-19 we take the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff and clients extremely seriously. For this reason, all office-based staff, surveyors and technicians are currently working from home as directed by the Prime Minister.

All telephone lines, mobile phones and email addresses are being monitored and attended to so that we can continue to offer support and reassurance on all invasive weed and Japanese Knotweed issues. 

Japanese Knotweed Management Plans

Our surveyors are still able to produce management plans along with a relevant quotation to deal with any invasive weed or Japanese Knotweed issue. One of our surveyors will be able to remotely record the nature and location of an infestation and be able to put forward a suitable management plan to guarantee eradication. 

A new minimum standard to achieve maximum effectiveness

Once appropriate direction is received from the government, we will be ready and willing to mobilise our operation to fulfil existing and new contracts.

As a new minimum standard all our surveyors and technicians will be provided with full disposable PPE and respirators for use when out in the field. This will allow us to help prevent contamination and transference of harmful elements both to our colleagues and our clients.

We will also be offering contactless surveys, where we can fulfil our commitments to our clients to provide site visits for both residential and commercial clients. All we ask is that access to the area of infestation is made available; be that through a gate or other means that does not require close human contact. We should also add that we do not charge for surveys.

Deferred payment plans to ease the burden

One final but important thing to help you in these difficult times. We are also taking our responsibilities a step further and are offering our clients a deferred payment plan, in which the costs for the eradication of Japanese Knotweed are reduced in the first year.

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