Dealing with the scourge of Japanese Knotweed

A little bit about what we do, and how we do it…

The before and the after of Japanese Knotweed eradication.

To give a brief insight into how we tackle this most aggressive of weeds, we’ve shared a couple of pics below. These show just the first of several stages of Japanese Knotweed eradication works – undertaken this week for one of our commercial clients in preparation for the start of the 2020 growing season.

All canes were cut 6 inches from their respective crown and placed in a 1 tonne dummpy bag, whilst all vegetation surrounding the infestation was cut back to expose all areas of potential Japanese Knotweed growth. When tackling knotweed, we need to be sure of the extent.

Following that, the area was fenced off with netlon to prevent site disturbance and transference of contaminated waste with the appropriate warning signs erected.

What next? Well, now we wait for mother nature to spring into action before we apply the first stage of herbicide. Knotweed is stubborn, but fortunately we are too.

If your site or home has been infested with Japanese Knotweed, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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