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Changes to Property Forms shift onus for identifying Japanese Knotweed

The Law Society’s new TA6 Property Information Form has just been launched, with new emphasis placed on the responsibilities of a property buyer with regards to the presence of Japanese Knotweed.

In announcing the changes, Simon Davis, Law Society President, commented:

The TA6 Property Information Form is used so that the seller can give important information about the property to the prospective buyer.

We have updated the form following a recommendation that we review this question by the House of Commons Select Committee on Japanese Knotweed.

The main changes with regards to the Japanese knotweed are:

– Highlighting that information ought to be provided to a buyer if the seller is aware that there is a treatment plan in place

– Replacing “eradication” with “managing its regrowth”

– Adding an “unknown” response on the basis that knotweed can be difficult for a homeowner to detect

So the onus now falls on the buyer to undertake proper checks to highlight the presence of Japanese Knotweed.

Here are Inspectas, we can do a full walkover survey of a property to confirm the presence of Japanese Knotweed. If Japanese Knotweed is identified we can put forward a scope of works to eradicate the problem

If no Japanese Knotweed is identified then we can provide a mortgage approved report stating the facts. Either way, you want to be sure.

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