Site clearance success for Network Rail

Our client was contracted to install high-voltage cables at a site in North London, as part of an initiative to improve the rail link between London and the North of England & Scotland.

However, the subject site was plagued by a substantial infestation of Giant Hogweed along with other dense vegetation that included Buddleia & Bramble.

The Giant Hogweed had to be removed from the site as a vital component of the preparatory works for the project as this posed a health and safety risk to the planned works.

The area containing the invasive weeds had limited access for any transportation capable of removing the contaminated material to registered landfill therefore it was agreed that the Giant Hogweed would be dealt with via the application of herbicides and then cut and allowed to biodegrade onsite providing no risk to the client’s team due to undertake the works.

Consequently, Inspectas were tasked with putting forward a bespoke solution to efficiently manage and eradicate the risk Giant Hogweed posed to the enabling works. The objective was to relocate it to an area where it would no longer pose a threat to the health and safety of our client’s team, thereby enabling them to fulfil their contractual obligations with Network Rail.

Inspectas executed a comprehensive site clearance operation, which encompassed the removal of all vegetation, including dense growths of Buddleia and Bramble along with the Giant Hogweed.

This clearance paved the way for our client to seamlessly proceed with the subsequent phases of their project.

Testimonial from our client Darren Leigh, Projects Manager

We faced a complex situation on our site where Giant Hogweed was present and this risk this posed to our planned works from a health and safety perspective. The area, with restricted access, was destined to serve as the landing site for installation of high voltage cables for Network Rail.

To address this challenge, we enlisted the expertise of Inspectas Land Remediation, who put together a bespoke solution to minimise the risk and allow us to carry out our contracted works. Their approach involved neutralising the threat Giant Hogweed posed putting forward a cost-effective solution that allowed us to carry out the successful installation of the high voltage cabling.

Throughout the project, Inspectas maintained clear and open communication. They successfully completed the work within the specified timelines and budget constraints.

Based on this positive experience, I have every intention of engaging with Inspectas for future projects and wholeheartedly recommend their services to others.

Darren Leigh, Projects Manager

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