Inspectas announce free, accredited CPD Training to develop understanding of invasive species risks

We are excited to unveil our FREE Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Training Programme on Japanese Knotweed as well as a host of other invasive species. 

What sets our CPD training apart?

  1. Tailored Content:
    Our CPD program is crafted to meet the evolving needs of professionals across various industries. This ranges from being able to accurately identify Japanese Knotweed right through to thorough understanding of the remediation options that are available for a given setting.
  1. Expert Instructors:
    Learn from industry experts who bring real-world experience to the classroom. Benefit from their insights, practical knowledge and a number of useful case studies.
  1. Interactive Workshops:
    Engage in dynamic, hands-on workshops designed to enhance your practical skills. Collaborate with peers, share experiences, and learn through real-life scenarios.
  1. Flexibility and Convenience:
    We understand your busy schedule, so our CPD Training Program offers flexible learning options, allowing you to balance this vital professional development with your day-to-day responsibilities.
  2. It’s completely FREE:
    As part of our broader commitment to increasing knowledge, we offer this course at no cost to your organisation.

Whilst Japanese Knotweed is viewed as the poster boy when it comes to invasives we also take a look at Himalayan Balsam, Giant Hogweed, Horsetail and also the growing threat of Bamboo, all of which can have a negative – and costly – effect on the environments where they thrive and develop.

The CPD Certification Service was established in 1996, and is the world’s leading and largest independent CPD accreditation institution operating across all industry sectors.

The CPD Certification Service provides support, advice and recognised CPD accreditation for the Continuing Professional Development obligations and policies of professional bodies and academic institutes.

Continuous learning is not just a career choice; it’s a mindset. Staying relevant, adapting to industry changes, and positioning yourself as a leader in your field.

CPD is not just about ticking boxes; it’s about continuous improvement.

There are no costs involved in providing your organisation with the training course, and we can complete this at your premises or at our head office just outside Leeds.

For expert advice and to arrange CPD training for your organisation you can call us on 0800 2884967 or email

For any invasive weed & Japanese Knotweed questions …

… call us FREE on 0800 288 4967 or email

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