Knotweed in winter on house

Identification of Japanese Knotweed through the winter months

As we are in the depths of winter and with Japanese Knotweed in a state of dormancy we are frequently contacted and asked how to identify if the plant is present on a site or property at this time of year.  There are of course the tell-tale signs of canes still being attached to their crowns, the crowns themselves, and even shrivelled up old leaves if they haven’t been blown away!

Knotweed in winter on house

For experts like ourselves we also know to look for the nodes on the base of desiccated canes to confirm if it is indeed Japanese Knotweed … It’s all about the science when it comes to identification – that’s for sure!

On the flip side there is also an unscrupulous element to all of this, and we do find that some homeowners and landowners will go out of their way to hide the presence of Japanese Knotweed which is easier to achieve in the cold dormant winter months.

So, if you are buying, selling, or even just concerned by something unusual that you’ve not seen in your garden before – then get in touch and we will be happy to survey, check and advise on all matters relating to Japanese Knotweed … we’re here to get rid!

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