Explainer: what a Japanese Knotweed Management Plan is – and why you need one

The Japanese Knotweed Management (KMP) plan is an essential document when it comes to dealing with Japanese Knotweed – and there are several good reasons why.

For anyone looking to secure a mortgage on a property or to finance a development site, lenders typically require that the KMP is submitted to them for approval – before they will agree to lend.  So prior to commencing the actual process of tackling Japanese Knotweed we have to be sure we have a watertight plan in place to remediate any issues that may arise.

THIS is where the specialists at Inspectas Land Remediation really excel.

In preparing the KMP one of our surveyors will: :

  • Present you with a survey report that documents the intended use of the site or property, and any plans for development in the site overview
  • Put in place a biosecurity policy that reduces the likelihood of Japanese Knotweed being spread onto, around or off the site
  • Note the associated RICS Risk Assessment Category
  • Map the location of Japanese Knotweed that has been identified on site and on adjacent properties or land to include a rhizome exclusion zone
  • Discuss the remediation options available to eradicate Japanese Knotweed
  • Put forward an appropriate scope of works in line with the requirements of the site
  • Look at Japanese Knotweed in the context of the wider environment
  • Highlight legislation that relates to Japanese Knotweed, its control and management
  • Discuss current lending strategies in place for securing a mortgage against a unit suffering from an infestation

But this is just the start!

Once we have received instruction to deal with the Japanese Knotweed we will then convert the survey report into a fully-fledged Japanese Knotweed Management Plan. 

The Inspectas Land Remediation KMP will:

  • Put forward a method statement to successfully remove and eradicate Japanese Knotweed
  • Make sure that the biosecurity policy is explained and implemented to prevent further spread of Japanese Knotweed
  • Log all operational activities when at the property or site to ensure the use of herbicides are correctly logged with details of the weather conditions, application rate, total amount of herbicide used – and with the start and finish times all recorded
  • Log all control actions undertaken and on each visit and document the effectiveness of the control actions undertaken
  • Highlight any new site/property features and put in place remediation strategies to ensure the successful completion of the programme
  • Log all visits with photographic evidence to provide feedback on how well the scope of works are progressing

The Inspectas Land Remediation is more than just a piece of paper that ticks a box to secure a mortgage on a property or lending on a commercial site.  It’s a diary of all the activities we undertake when dealing with Japanese Knotweed and provides vital feedback on how we progress on what can often be a lengthy removal process.

Don’t just take our word for it – contact Inspectas Land Remediation today for expert advice and to arrange a full Japanese Knotweed Survey. 

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