Rhizomes: what they are – and why they’re a problem

Well, “rhizomes” are root systems, and in the case of Japanese Knotweed they are horribly effective in spreading the...

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Business during COVID-19: Our continued commitment in uncertain times

With the unprecedented concern surrounding COVID-19 we take the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff and clients extremely...

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Changes to Property Forms shift onus for identifying Japanese Knotweed

The Law Society’s new TA6 Property Information Form has just been launched, with new emphasis placed on the responsibilities...

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Dealing with the scourge of Japanese Knotweed

The before and the after of Japanese Knotweed eradication. To give a brief insight into how we tackle this...

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Investing in workforce counts when it comes to staff development

We’re firm believers in strengthening the skills of our workforce and recognise that by obtaining industry leading qualifications we...

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Wildlife Trust warns that floods are increasing the spread of Japanese Knotweed

Volunteers and workers who surveyed the Wildlife Trust nature reserves after the flooding discovered Japanese Knotweed rhizomes which were...

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Reminders issued on how to spot Japanese Knotweed, as more warnings are issued about invasive species

Homeowners have been issued with more new warnings about the dangers of Japanese Knotweed ...

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Concerns raised over Japanese knotweed hybrid that’s taking over gardens

National trade body the Property Care Association says reports of a Japanese knotweed hybrid, ‘Bohemian knotweed,’ are increasing...

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